About Siri Rishi Kaur:

Modern Day Mystic Yogini Mama / Meditation Facilitator/ KRI Kundalini Teacher /  and so much more.

My greatest gift is to help people connect, imagine and manifest their highest vision of themselves. Trusting and serving as an Oracle between the seen and the unseen world we live in. Our dreams and our original mission is so important for the times we are living in. It’s my mission to help you reconnect to your original blue print and share with you the tools to create beauty out of chaos through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Sherose Aquarian Feminine Arts.

“You can either be above the energy in your life and ride it, or below the energy of your life and have it ride you!” ~ Yogi Bhajan

I first embarked upon my Yogic training 26 years ago, through a self taught meditation practice. Six years later I conceived my daughter Jaya-Paul and upon that day…..24 years ago…Yoga became my medicine.

After 4 years of studying independently and practicing Hatha Yoga daily, I came across a Kundalini Yoga video by Ravi Singh. After two weeks of practicing Kundalini Yoga, all I wanted to do was share Kundalini Yoga with everyone I knew.

20 years ago I took my first Kundalini Teacher Training with Ravi Singh. 7 Years later I met my teacher Hari Kaur, who became my mentor. While studying with Hari, I was able to immerse myself in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in the most intimate way.  I had the blessing to assist Hari’s Teacher Trainings for 5 years.  Assisting Hari Kaur during 200 hour Teacher Trainings was like getting my PHD in Kundalini Yoga and in life.

During that time I was a Resident Teacher at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC for 7 years. I served as a lead teacher for Bent On Learning for 6 years, which gave me the pleasure of teaching Yoga to children from ages 4 to 18, through out the NYC Public School System. Through out my years of assisting KRI Teacher Trainings and taking Level two trainings, as well as owning and operating two Yoga Studios, Shakti Yoga in Connecticut & Beloved Yogi Harlem, I have accumulated thousands of hours of teaching and studying. But… really…who’s counting? Yoga is an infinite life journey.

I teach so that I may learn and grow. I am in the deepest gratitude to all of my teachers, mentors, students and my daughter Jaya-Paul, who accelerated my growth as a woman, a seer and a Yogini.  I come from a rainbow tribe of Algonquins & Afro Indigenous from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York with traces and lineages from all parts of the world. My father was my first teacher of Spirit. My mother taught me the art of grace and compassion. I am in awe of the beautiful privilege, to live awake, fertile and excited about the constant unfoldment of this amazing journey called life.

You can develop a weekly practice with me in person at TEMPLE143 in Brooklyn, RA MA YOGA in Manhattan, Mandala Yoga in Amagansett or globally on the internet.


lifelabsrk is a workshop. Weaving Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Gong Sound healing,  words on power and guided meditation. The foundation of lifelabsrk are acceptance, creativity, imagination, a sense of humor and trust. Through our body we allow ourselves to explore using our awareness and trusting our imagination to activate our intuition. Through creativity, imagination and trust we harmonize and re-member how to braid ourself into wholeness. I am a lover of all teachings of truth and wisdom and I love to weave the threads into “Oneness” which is the original source of which all mystical teachings come from.

In lifelabsrk I like to draw from modern day mystics, and science integrating and grounding timeless teachings into practical applicable tools, using whatever we have, our body, our voice, our breath, our movement; creating a container where we feel empowered to trust SELF again.

Sat Nam & I look forward to expanding  with you.



    1. Ananada,
      I’m so grateful as well. Thank you so much for that beautiful affirmation! Yes…. we will build a TT in DC and it will be a thriving community. It already is a thriving community… but we will add Kundalini to the mix and it will be a rocket ship. Loads of Love to you!

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