Expand your radiance, increase your intuition and manifest your victories!

Welcome to T E M P L E 1 4 3 ~  Bed-Stuy’s Premier Kundalini Yoga Temple, nestled on the parlor floor of a gorgeous Bed-Stuy Bownstone, in the heart of the community.

Our doors opened on August 11th, 2019. An intimate gathering space, specifically reserved for exploring and developing Self Excellence.

T E M P L E 1 4 3 holds Women’s gatherings, Co-ed Kundalini Sessions, Intimate Salons, Curated Dinners, Workshops and Life Courses for the Bed-Stuy / NYC community, to gather, share, grow, express and most importantly heal and rejuvenate themselves. We welcome you and we look forward to practicing and growing with you.

Lifelabsrk Kundalini is a fresh approach to timeless teachings. This practice weaves together the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and other metaphysical schools of wisdom. Lifelabsrk creates a safe container allowing you to inquire, remember, and shapeshift into wholeness from where you are in the moment.

The Lifelabsrk philosophy is to cultivate strength and harmony so we may merge with our highest vision of Self. Allowing fluidity and motion through the body and mind, so we may create synchronicity through radical acceptance and Divine flow.

The Technology of Kundalini Yoga offers a plethora of physical exercises for strength and potency, meditations, breathing exercises, and sound healing, that act as keys to open gateways in the body, expand awareness of the subtle fields, increase intuition and integrate the physical /cosmic planes, so we may consciously design our lives, creating  whealth breath by breath.  Kundalini Yoga returns us to our original self, our Sat Nam Self and giving us tools for Self Excellence.


Fit For Life: Siri Rishi Kaur


srk cover of wpm



The Purist Magazine…..


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