Releasing Imprints from Our Past

This meditation will help us release imprints form our past. Past relationships, emotional stories, neurosis and then some. It’s working with your arcline so it ultimately strengthens your aura, and your halo which works as your antenna to feed your intuition.

We’re using the mantra Har. You want to roll the “r” with the Har and it will create a soft “d” sound. The r needs to hit the upper pallet so we can stimulate the hypothalamus gland.

Har… is the creative aspect of Infinity. It’s basically commanding God into action.

This meditation is powerful and it works! Try it for 40 consecutive days. This meditation is especially useful if you’re trying to release an old relationship or if you’re trying to release old imprints from previous relationships. So if you know someone going through an unfortunate break up. I recommend this meditation.

You can find the music on Youtube under Tantric Har. A few versions are linked below.

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