Meditation On Divine Mother ~ To Cure The Mind and Fulfill Your Desires Part 2

Instructions are located in the vlog posted as Part 1

To Begin:

Please tune with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before practicing.

  1. Place your hands together palm to palm at the heart center.
  2. Inhale and Chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo once on each breath
  3. Ong Namo – Bowing to Creative Conscious, Guru the one that brings you from darkness to light, Dev subtle wisdom it’s everywhere, Namo to bow, bowing to the highest part of yourself.

We “tune in” with a mantra to help us dial into the deepest wisdom within us and all around us as well as to tune us into the golden chain of Infinite Wisdom.

To End:

Sit for a moment and feel the expansion of your awareness. Drop into how you are feeling in your body and give yourself a moment to mediate on the effects the mantra has had on your mind, your subtle bodies and your aura. Trust your practice and the feed back your body and electro magnetic field are giving you.

Place your hands back in Prayer Pose (Palms together at the heart center center of your chest).

Chant Saaaaaat Nam 3 x.

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