lifelabsrk 40 Day Challenge 3/20-4/28

Welcome to the a 40 day challenge that might change your life!!

Start: Mon. 3/20/17  ~ End: Fri. 4/28/17

Tools: Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Mantras & Meditations through classes and workshops.I will also hold workshops on facebook for those whom can’t make it in person, along with dietary suggestions to support you during your shift.

Benefits: You will develop a 40 day sadhana that will support you in whatever your intention is that you set on March 20th. You will feel the support of a Global Group Consciousness, which will help you create a powerful shift in your life and in your ability to create the life you are designed to live.

Experience: No experience needed. This challenge is open to all levels of experience. If you’ve never practiced Yoga you will be able to dive right in and join us exactly where you are and with what you have.

Lets think of this 40 day challenge as a “Self Actualizing Shift” I invite you to take the next two days to design what it is you would like to create. What dream, desire, goals or intentions is it that you have been blocking yourself from?

What have you been wanting to create, but every time you attempt, you find yourself distracted by the obstacles that arise? This 40 day journey is all about creating a powerful break through in our consciousness so we can experience first hand how incredily designed we are when we are fortified, disciplined and focused, as well as plugged into a supportive community that is rooting for our highest good.

I will support you through Kundalini Yoga Kriayas, Meditations, and Mantras as well as suggestions for diet through out this 40 day journey.

If you live in NYC please join me on Monday evening 3/20/17 from 7:00-9:30 for a Equinox Celebration that I am curating with friends and family. It’s a donation event, please feel free to bring a friend or two. 7two7 Create @727 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn.

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