21 Day Rebirth Cleanse / Day 3


Day 3 of our 21 Day Spring Equinox Rebirth… Releasing all templates of lack, poverty consciousness, and lack of discipline relating to people, places and things.

This affirmation led me to look at how my habits are creating my environment. I asked myself what and where are the blocks stemming from?  Where is the low self-esteem and self doubt located in my body temple? How is it effecting my life, my expression of self? How is it sabotaging me?

Most of the time when dealing with templates of lack it’s stemming from very deep hidden hard wiring imbedded in our subconscious. These are often the habits we picked up when we were developing children. When working with the subconscious these sabotaging habits and deep seeded templates are the hardest to locate because they’re in the underbelly of our being. They’re usually located with in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, and usually are expressed as our blind spots or our shadows. The parts of ourselves we like to hide from ourselves and each other, but they always show up.

In order to access these templates we have to do some deep inquiries and even just identifying by name what’s glitching us is enough to demystify these dark sabotaging spaces with in the body mind system.

Allow yourself today to do the courageous act of taking full responsibility, going deep with in and taking a look with the flash light of your 3rd eye at the parts of yourself you like to hide from yourself and others.

Releasing all of your templates of lack, poverty consciousness and lack of discipline can bring up a lot of pain. So go in gently and with awareness, self acceptance and self love.


This 21 Day Cleanse was inspired by my Step-Sun Satchel whom left his physical body 2 years ago and recently a beautiful teacher named Gurmukh East. Gurmukh transitioned a week before the anniversary transition of my Step Sun. I felt their transitions deeply and wanted to honor this precious time we have. My intention for this Cleanse is to practice the graceful art of letting go, as well as honor the totality, life, death, rebirth cycle of time and space.

I’m creating the Cleanse so you can use it in any way that you wish. You can lightly follow a long and use what aligns with you. You can drop in daily or weekly. Or you can fully take on this cleanse and join me for the journey by joining the Sunday Workshops I am holding at an intimate studio called the Sweet Spot. If you are interested in joining in on a workshop please look at my Events and Workshops Page.

This Cleanse is set up as if we were preparing to really give birth to our own child.

Week 1. The first week we will cleanse the body mind spirit, digging deep, and uprooting the aspects of self that need to be transmutated.

Week 2. We will move into The Ecstasy stage of inception, Self Love, Self Care and Expression of Self. When we remove something negative we have to refill it with a positive. Just as if we were planning to plant a beautiful garden.

Week 3. Coding the seed, drawing the blue print and preparing for our Ecstatic Rebirth as we align in celebration with the Spring Equinox! As above so below!

The Keys to Release:

  1. Envision where the root is located and what is associated with it. What aspect of your life are you playing out this story / role?
  2. Visualize bringing light into the dark shadow, bring tenderness and love into the shadow. We don’t get rid of anything, all we can do is transmutate it so we might as well do it with Love. This is what Alchemy and Yoga is all about.
  3. We have to be physical. One of the quickest ways to uproot this energy is to use the Kriyas, Mantras, and Meditations to release the blocks in our body.
  4. Journal and create a sacred contract with yourself. Changing the narrative is vital.
  5. Integrate through intoning and using intentions that immediately  changes the course of this energy to more fully express the transmutation.
  6. Create an Action that changes the course of energy and that can imprint new path ways for your energy to flow in a supportive and constructive way.

Below is a Kriya I highly recommend through out the fast but.. in particular relating to the cleansing and uprooting of templates that are not serving us.


The Essence of the Self is an amazing Kriya that can help you release and drop into your true self. This is one of my favorite Kriyas. Please warm your body up with warm up exercises, and make sure you tune in by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 x. Remembering to close out your practice at the end with 3 long Sat Nam’s.

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 1.05.49 PM.pngScreen shot 2016-03-03 at 1.14.46 PM.png


“The mantra for creativity ~ Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru”

  • Complete Mantra:Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru
  • Translation:All aspects of the Creator are Bliss
  • More Information:This mantra expresses the three qualities of the word Har -seed, flow, completion, Bliss! Shakti/Bhakti mantra that uses the primal force of creativity to rid one of obnoxious situations in life and can bring you through any block and opens up your own creative energy. ~ Sourced from Spiritvoyage.com
  • You can create your own rhythm and sound or you can listen and sing along with other renditions, this is one that I recommend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKfwcYBHzxU

There are different ways you can do this meditation. You can use specific meditations and mudras to create specific effects or you can do it simply by sitting in easy pose with the spine straight and bring the index finger under the thumb and resting the palms facing up towards ceiling on your knees. Below are a couple of links to other variations of this meditation.



Try to chant the mantra for at least 11 minutes.  To end the mantra.. sit and meditate on the sound vibration you’ve created in your energy field. Envision the flow of creativity and abundance you’re opening yourself up to. Allow yourself to feel Divine Creator GodGoddess expressing through you and using you as an instrument to create your highest expressions of self. Feel the sound current giving you the confidence and support you need to trust and believe in your ability to heal yourself and make yourself whole.


This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us. Abundance and prosperity is my true state of being. I am now ready to accept it fully and joyously. Infinite Divine All (God Goddess, Creator, Universe) is the unfailing, unlimited source of all my supply. The more I prosper the more I have to share with everyone else. This Universe is total abundance!  ~ Creative Visualizations Shakti Gawain

I Look Forward to Practicing with You!

If you have any questions or would like to join me this for public classes, semi privates / privates or workshops, please feel free to connect by e-mail at siririshi.k@gmail.com or call 646-549-1435. Sat Nam!


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