Reclamation Kemet Yatra

June 16-30 2023 SUMMER SOLSTICE


~ R E C L A M A T I O N ~


June 16-30, 2023

Cairo | Luxor | Nile River | Aswan Nubia

Join us in one of the most mystical lands on our planet, during one of the most powerful times of the year. Kemet is the original name of Egypt. R E C L A M A T I O N is a deep dive into awakening the Divine Feminine and recoding the walk of the Priestess. Reclaiming the gateway to our very own Goddess who made us in her image. This is an exclusive once in a life time acceleration.

R E C L A M A T I O N is a self initiated Rebirth into remembrance, returning home to our original blue print. We will spend time acclimating in the hustle and bustle of Cairo. Attuning in the Pyramids of Giza and healing through the frequency of Sound. Visiting the Sphynx and remembering through the vibration of allowance. Traveling to Luxor and healing with Hathor Het Heru in Dandara, accelerating with Sekhmet in Karnak, journeying with Osiris and activating in all of the Goddess Temples. We will travel by boat on the Nile for 4 nights, visiting several temples along the way. Spending our last two nights in the Healing Heart Chakra of Kemet…Aswan Nubia. Rebirthing our new awakening with the energy of THE MOTHER OF TEN THOUSAND NAMES.. AUSET / ISIS in Philae.

I am inviting the magic number of 11 Priestesses to join us on this Sacred Pilgrimage into the Great Calling Forth. This is an experience that you have been preparing for through out many lifetimes and will activate your rememberance in ways that are beyond words.


Kemet is the original home of all mystery schools where the highest metaphysical teachings were originated, cultivated, refined and shared. The cradle of civilization. The home to all of the alchemical practices and healing schools, that are again erupting all over the planet. Kemet is still holding the energetic grid for all Priestesses to reactivate and create a new narrative.

All Prophetesses, Oracles, Sibyls and Priestesses were rooted in this ancient land. The codes, portals and vortexes are still very much alive and ready to activate us, as we activate them. We are witnessing a new time on our planet, a time where the Priestesses are being called forward again to the frontline of civilization. Throughout history, our books were burned, our practices and temples were stolen and we were diminished and tortured for thousands of years. Thankfully and rejoycefully in this Aquarian Awakening we are rising, we are circling, we are strengthening and most of all we are Remembering. Once a Priestess always a Priestess.

Kemet is full of transmissions if you know how to listen. The transmissions flow from Temple to Temple, Priestess to Priestess. On this journey we will practice daily Kundalini Yoga Meditations, Kriyas and Mantras and deep prayer rituals to arrange our Subtle Bodies and to activate our gate ways to receive and integrate with the energetics of the ancestral lineages of this Land.


Summer Solstice has been considered The Great Rebirth throughout antiquity in Kemet / Egypt. Summer Solstice in Kemet has always been one of the most celebrated times of the year. It was forever considered the Egyptian New Year. It’s one of the oldest festivals in Egyptian History. It commemorates the longest day of RA The SUN GOD and the rising star of Sirius as well as the great Triad of Hathor Isis and Nut as they midwife this Divine Rebirthing time of the year. We will harness and integrate with the highest vibrations through food, sound, body and soul integration for the 15 days of our time Portal.

The Solstices and Equinoxes have always been a time of pilgrimage in the ancient schools of mysticism. June is one of the best times of the year to travel to Egypt. There are a lot less tourists during the month of June and it is definitely hot during this time of the year, but the beauty is we can have a lot more privacy in the Temples during the month of June, being that tourism is not as high during the hot months in Egypt.


This trip is not for everyone, which is why I am keeping the group small and intimate. This is a focused and very intentional container. If you are someone who is committed to having a powerful and intentional transformative experience this is the Yatra for you. If you are interested in going deep, this is definitely for you. This is for the Sistars whom are already on the path or whom are ready to enter the path of the Priestess.

TO REGISTER EMAIL siririshi.k@urbanrishiworld



15 Days / 14 Night Journey into Ancient Kemet

3 Nights in Cairo | 4 Nights in Luxor | 4 Nights on the Nile River | 2 Nights in Aswan Nubia | 1 night back in Cairo

All stays are at High Quality Boutique Hotels

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all included

All Temple and Museum Entrances are included over (15 Temples)

Private Driver with Private Security

Flights from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan, as well as the returning flight to Cairo

Off Site Dinner on the Nile in Cairo

Priestess Rituals, Sacred Circles and Rights of Passage Ritual

Kundalini Yoga Daily with Daily Meditations to integrate the Transmissions

Plenty of downtime for transmissions and integration


Sailboat on river Nile at sunset in Aswan, Egypt

How To Register

Because of the nature of this journey, please email Siri Rishi and we will set up an interview to make sure this journey is the right journey for you.

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What’s not included:

Airfare | Travel Insurance | Covid Tests



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