New Moon to New Moon

A Global Community of WOMBMYN on a Mission to grow, excel and create Aquarian Excellence.

Happy September! Welcome to our beautiful collective. We look forward to spiraling and dream weaving with all of you. September is a powerful month, symbolizing birth. It’s the 9th month of the year. What are you birthing this September 2021.

MAGUS PORTAL is a year long incubator container, with a month to month enrollment. Magus means magician, magical, alchemist. MP (Magus Portal) is a supportive space for you to refine, accelerate, and harmonize with your dreams, your visions and most of all your mission.

This is a creative container for Wombmyn to:

  • Make life shifting breakthroughs
  • Dissolving glass ceilings
  • Step into a new paradigm of elevation from the lens of the Aquarian Devine Feminine. 

Magus Portal opens every New Moon, allowing Sistars to join on the New Moon and we close out each Portal the day before the following New Moon.

The gates open with Virgo New Moon Opening Circle Tuesday Sept. 7th 9-10p. ET.

What you will receive:

  • Personalized 40 Day Meditation Sadhana
  • Opening and Closing Circle
  • 4 Power Moon Workshops, 4th Day of the Moon, 11th Day of the Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon.
  • Monthly Membership to TEMPLE143 Classes (7 classes per week)
  • Accountability Portal Partner
  • All of our Meetings / Workshops will be held on Zoom  
  • Recordings are available of Workshops and Meetings

At this time on our planet many of us are being called and chosen to fulfill our Divine Assignments in this Aquarian awakening. Those of us who are activated to live a mission driven life, need to surround our selves with a mission driven community.

Through out the Magus Portal, each workshop is aligned with the lunar cycle to synchronize our energy with the moon and the elements. In the portal we meditate, share our vision, pray for and with one another, and make dreams come true, through the reflection and upliftment of the collective.

Through devotional discipline we align with an effortless flow that creates a graceful and natural rhythmic manifestation of prosperity which is your birth right! As the saying goes What you are seeking is seeking you!

Power of The Lunar Cycle: The New Moon, 4th Day of the moon, 11th day of the Moon, Full Moon and the Last Quater Moons are power days to strengthen us as we refine and decree our actions and intentions to live into reality.

What’s Required: Magus Portal requires your integrity, and commitment to yourself as well as your accountability to the collective. An open heart to invite in the reality, that the impossible is always possible.

The most important is your commitment to practicing a 40 Day Practice. It takes 40 Days to break a habit. This is a practice of training a new muscle where you will be pouring into your self for 40 days straight. When we pour into ourselves we can make mountains move. Miracles happen on a daily basis because you’re attuning yourself to your natural frequency, which is the highest degree of love.


  • New Moon Opening Circle | WED. OCT 6 | 9-10p ET
  • 4th day of Moon | SAT. OCT 9  | 12-2p ET.
  • 11th Day of Moon | SAT. OCT 16 | 7-9p ET.
  • Full Moon | WED. OCT 21 | 8:30-10p ET.
  • Last Qtr Moon | THURS OCT 28  | 12-2p ET.
  • Closing Circle | WED. NOV 3 | 9-10p EST.


  • 40 Day Sadhana / Sadhana Group
  • Portal Accountability Partner / weekly check in
  • Membership to TEMPLE143 wkly Zoom Classes
  • Plethera of tools to add to your Spiritual Tool Kit .


If paying by Venmo please send payment to @siririshikaur

If paying by PayPal there is an extra fee that will be charged to your account.

Self Investment $144 ($36 in 4 payments)




144.00 SPLIT INTO 4 PAYMENTS OF $36.00


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